Bettina was very nice.

Bettina was very nice. I emailed her late on Saturday and she showed us the house at 1 p.m. Sunday. The lockbox didn’t work and she stayed at the house until the owners came home, then called us back to see the house that afternoon, as the selling agent wasn’t available. When negotiating with the seller after the home inspection, she didn’t want us to ask to fix anything lest we lost the contract. There was only one minor thing and we asked for it anyway and they did it. She wasn’t very knowledgeable about VA loans and the VA appraisal. When it came to the actual process, we found a settlement agent and had to deliver the packet ourselves. Both she and her broker advised us that we didn’t need a lawyer as the title company had one. But the title company lawyer only protects the seller, not the buyer. We use a lawyer for all of our home purchases. Bettina was very nice to work with, but we found that we had to do a lot of the “legwork” ourselves.